Psytopia would like to thank all of the noble spirits who gave their precious time and energy to make this amazing event occur.
This event is about us, the universe we live in, and our hopes and dreams of how to make life a better experience for all. I want Psytopia to be a faceless presence whose goal is just to illuminate and expand the minds of all whose spirits intertwines with it, us, and each other. However, credit should always be given where credit is due and, while I know who and how people gave I feel it is important as a community that we all take a second to note their contributions. So thank you one and all for making this vision of Psytopia a living, growing entity.

Thank you for your trust, wisdom and energy,

Alex Pearlstein

Additional Credits (In no specific order);
Rev Samuel, for all of his artistic assistance and moral support
Paul Booth, for his ideas, belief and driving force.
Alex Grey, for pulling back the veil and showed us all the energies and potentials inside ourselves.
Nemo, for his help with the Zodiac Images and icons as well as positive vibes.
David Catching, who has helped by being a guiding light into the realm of sound.
Rick Dobblin, for proving that with positive energy and the truth you can illuminate even the darkest mind to accept truth
Jason and the fellas at D20 for their assistance with setting the psytopian flag in the earth.

Thanks to the Charities for letting us help;
The Albert Hofmann Foundation
Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors