Best Smell Proof Containers For Weed

While many countries within America are starting to legalize the smoking of weed within the last months, there still some of our society that frowns upon those that consume weed, even with a medical prescription. during this scenario, some people ought to notice an answer to hide their use.

One answer is to place the weed in a very specialized instrumentality for storage. These storage containers don’t solely conceal the smell of weed, however, it also can preserve the freshness of the herbs for months. they’re additionally convenient to hold once traveling.

Here are the options you wish to appear for once choosing the most effective smell proof containers for weed.


If you’re searching for a superb smell proof instrumentality for your weed, you wish to appear for one thing that works well. This has got to works very well as a result of that’s the explanation you would like a smell proof instrumentality within the initial place.


For some a jar or a case is enough, however, others would need one thing they might carry around simply.


Along with movability, future to think about is that the size. certify you recognize the capability of the instrumentality you’re aiming for.


The instrumentality has got to weather frequents drops and bumps it should be robust.

UV Rays

This is a vital feature to appear for. It ought to insulate the herbs from the harmful UV rays because it will degrade the weed.

Best Smell Proof Containers For Weed to settle on From
While several users ar aiming for being discreet and subtlety, others have their mind on preservation. we’ve got the picks for Best smell proof containers. opt for the one that works for you.

1. Tightvac


The Tightvac Vacuum Sealed instrumentality comes in numerous sizes and colors. you’ll be surprised by its easy and distinctive style. the common 6-ounce instrumentality will hold regarding fourteen grams of weed. It employs the proprietary open and closed system that keeps the herbs contemporary for an additional extended amount. this can be as a result of the instrumentality is airtightly sealed creating it odorless and waterproof. Your herbs are in the best place.

The vacuum seal is formed once you place the cap within the instrumentality. because the cap is pushed down, it sucks the air out making the vacuum. This super cool feature is what additionally keeps the herbs from drying whereas keeping the flavors intact.

With its trendy style, the Tightvac could be a bestseller among the herb instrumentality. it’s robust, sturdy and straightforward to use. To open the lid you’ve got to push the button and therefore the same is true once closing the instrumentality. It additionally has associate degree approval from the {fda|Food associate degreed Drug Administration|FDA|agency|federal agency|government agency|bureau|office|authority} as an airtight, utile and moisture-free instrumentality. Its proprietary system is ready to preserve the herb for one year whereas keeping it odor-free and contemporary. For a fairly priced instrumentality, this can be the one to supply sturdiness.


It offers movability.
Lightweight and may simply slot in the bag.
Odor free and may be cleaned simply.
The proprietary system keeps the herb contemporary.


It doesn’t offer aesthetics.
Not dishwasher safe.

2. Bamboo Stash Jar

A stash jar made of all natural materials undoubtedly sends out a message to anyone UN agency will see them. It means we tend to ar involved regarding the surroundings rather than tributary to the pollutants and opt for a cloth-like plastic, bamboo is a superb selection.

This instrumentality is regarding holding the user expertise the enjoyment of exploitation herbs additionally to serving to the surroundings. it’s designed to be smell proof and odourless with a double layer body and further lid within. this implies that once the lid is closed, it creates associate degree airtight and waterproof seal. this may keep the herbs contemporary for an extended time.

This stash jar is created from all bamboo materials with emblem. Adding genuineness is that the real bamboo texture of its body and lid. This material additionally contributes to its weight. it’s light-weight, splinterproof and sturdy. It will hold regarding fifteen grams of herb, that is a couple of 0.5 ounce once uncrushed, and around twenty five grams of grounded herb. this can be good herb storage for those medium to significant users. it’s terribly compact is regarding the scale of your palm.


Made from 100% natural material.
Can hold regarding 0.5 an oz. of weed.
It has a smell proof style with the double lid.
Lightweight and compact.


With slight bamboo smell.
Not terribly sturdy.

3. Loud clammy Tank

This instrumentality is that the thought-about united of the most effective smell proof containers on the market these days. it’s a double-layered safeguard with the 2 lids. The instrumentality undoubtedly blocks UV and may keep the herbs from wasting its flavor and aroma.

The airtight seal it produces provides assurance that no smell are going to be setting out of it. If the weed has distinct smell it’ll simply be cornered within the instrumentality walls. it’s made of top-quality plastic that’s sturdy and designed to endure the drops from the user. the standard can stay notwithstanding you utilize it repeatedly.

The solid black color not solely protects the herbs from the harmful UV however additionally provides a discreet topographic point for your weed. The solid style provides the right storage for your weed. it’ll not let any odor escape at intervals its interior. The instrumentality will hold a most of twenty grams of weed, that is enough to hold your consumption with you.

This scent-proof clammy Tank options a refined and sleek style the appearance glorious and unnoticeable whereas keeping your herbs safe from prying eyes and snoopy noses.


It is the right size to hold whereas traveling and on the go.
The sleek black color protects the herbs from UV rays.
Double layer protection to entice the smell within.
Two lids produce associate degree airtight seal.


Can hold solely twenty grams of stash.
Made from plastic.

4. Dope Turtle Fourth Shell

This little instrumentality is made in Mile-High City, Colorado and is popular Chefs and residential cooks for his or her spices and ingredients. this can be a sturdy instrumentality and may store a most of one hundred grams of any dry food and in fact, dry herb. It uses Dutch glass on the within, which implies that quality for this complete could be a priority.

It is ultraviolet resistant with the violet seal beneath the lid, it permits you to store your pungent herb while not worry regarding UV rays penetrating your storage, and damaging the flavors of the herb. The specially designed lid combined with the gel seal provides associate degree airtight seal the desire not let any smell escape the jar. this can be additionally BPA free; you’ll not have any flavor contamination within that happens with inferior plastic.

If you’re searching for an excellent, refined and modest vogue that’s combined with practicality, then this smell proof jar is a superb selection. it’s additionally discreet and extremely handy you’ll take them together with you.


It is of fantastic quality and created with glass.
The plastic screw-on lid has gel seal for airtight storage.
It can’t be penetrated by lightweight rays.
Just the proper size to stay your weed.


Breakable, you’ve got to use caution to not drop it.
A little tiny for significant or cluster usage.

5. Herb science laboratory Smell Proof instrumentality

This is an ideal different if you’re searching for a instrumentality to hide your quantity of stash. This instrumentality is created with a strengthened glass that doesn’t shatter. it’s additionally opaque therefore the lightweight won’t go through you herb to destroy its aroma and flavor. the mix of BPA free glass and therefore the medical grade lid manufacture associate degree airtight instrumentality which will keep the herbs contemporary all the time.

It is additionally straightforward to use with the screw on lid that’s straightforward to get rid of and come back and sure to maintain the integrity of the seal even with frequent usage. it’s additionally a 2-in-1 jar in one package. It comes with a smaller bonus instrumentality made of siloxane to accommodate your smaller stash. additionally, it’s a blackboard labeling to stay you organized.

This smell proof instrumentality is fashionable and extremely economical. Your smaller instrumentality is tiny enough to suit in your pocket; you’ll take it on if you’re on the go. Another nice feature is that each containers will maintain the temperature within even in hot or cold temperature.


The combination of glass and food grade lid maintains the flavour of the herb.
Airtight to stay the smell within the instrumentality.
The instrumentality is splinterproof.
It is sturdy with the double strengthened glass.


The instrumentality could crack once golf stroke the lid.
A little smaller than expected.

6. Herb Preserve World’s Best Stash Jar

For starters, this instrumentality is created from laboratory tested and lab-approved glass that preserves and revitalize the freshness of herbs for 6 months. This specially created glass will forestall the harmful rays of the {visible lightweight|light|visible radiation|actinic radiation|actinic ray} whereas permitting solely the precious light rays to penetrate. this can be distinctive solely to the current stash jar and can’t be found elsewhere.

Another feature is that the airtight seal that has final protection to the herbs by interference associate degree exchange of undesirable air. This additionally seals within the flavor and therefore the smell within the instrumentality together with the assistance of the industrial glass.

It is additionally masterfully designed to be used for each herb associate degreed spices with an art rendition on the surface of the jar. it’s quite huge and may delay to 2 ounces of herb. you’re sure to relish the sweet smell of the herb up to 6 months. Some individuals use them to preserve their precious herb while not chemical and ar quite pleased with the results.


Unique ultraviolet glass keeps the harmful rays out whereas holding the great rays in.
Airtight seal prevents the unwanted exchange of air.
The sturdy glass and lid licks within the aroma.
It has convenient sizes to cater to your wants.


The lids will break quicker than the glass.
Apothecary jar lids ar higher to interchange the screw on lid.

7. Kush Kaddie

This instrumentality is created principally from plastic, that isn’t the least bit unhealthy. It affects the general look of the instrumentality, however on the opposite hand, it makes the instrumentality light-weight. it’s additionally lined with foam to guard the contents from sudden bumps or drops. it’s a button to open the seal to shut and open the instrumentality once in use.

The strength of Kush Kaddie is in being unnoticeable for its easy style and plain black exterior. The instrumentality is airtight in order that means that no smell will get out. notwithstanding you’re in a very area packed with individuals, no one can notice that you just ar carrying around weed. What they’ll see is merely a black instrumentality. it’s terribly modest.

The instrumentality has the capability to carry even a pipe and a correct amount of herb. you’ll travel with all of your necessities in one instrumentality that’s handy and compact. In summary, this product would possibly seem to be all aptitude and no use, however that’s the precise opposite. It functions well and offers the proper quantity of discretion whereas keeping the herbs contemporary.


Lightweight and compact, you’ll take them anyplace.
Lined with plastic foam to guard the contents.
Keeping the freshness of the herb is airtight.
Tightly sealed no smell will embark.


Made from plastic that’s not sturdy.
You cannot get out the herb directly into the instrumentality.

8. area Case Cylinder Storage Case

This instrumentality is meant as associate degree general-purpose instrumentality, thus golf stroke associate degree herb like weed won’t earn suspicion. it’s like concealing one thing in plain sight. The cylinder form will work anyplace and can not take up a lot of area. it’s made of top quality, machined craft metallic element. The lid provides associate degree airtight closure, and therefore the entire instrumentality is manufacture through CNC machining.

It comes in 3 sizes, every providing enough area for the quantities of herb you would like to place. the inside includes a diameter of one.25 inches. The airtight seal guarantees that the smell are going to be contained within whereas it retains the flavour of the herb. This quality instrumentality will guarantee the freshness of your weed all the time.

It additionally comes in each pocket and purse sizes, to hold around with you together with your accessories. In terms of sturdiness, there’s little question that this instrumentality will face up to occasional fall and bumps.


It is sturdy because it is created from the highest of the road metallic element
The airtight seal maintains the freshness of the weed.
You can opt for the sizes to suit you.
It is light-weight and may work anyplace.


As it is created from top-quality materials, it’s dearly-won
Will have dents on its body thanks to bumps.

Best Smell Proof luggage

If you don’t need the jars and cylinders, then smell proof luggage could be a good possibility. It also can be discreet and can not be suspicious in areas wherever weed is prohibited.

9. foul Proof luggage

The bags are designed to stay the odors away and to not let the smell embark of the bag. This bag is created from medical grade nylon strengthened plastic. this implies that it’s higher than the storage food things because it exceeds the standards of Agriculture Department.

The seal is finished with double track zipper. This guarantees a decent seal to stay the contemporary herbs whereas within the store. The bag is additionally robust and is immune to not solely wet however from liquid and puncture. Since the fabric used for this bag is more durable than the other material, you’ll utilize them. it’s straightforward to wash with hand laundry.

The only draw back in exploitation this bag for herb is you’ve got to hide them as a result of it’ll be seen thanks to the transparency of the bag. the little bag will hold regarding seven grams. If you’re attending to go somewhere and take them with you, then this size can answer. you’ll purchase the foul Proof luggage in packs of 10’s and 5’.


The bags are sturdy because it made of strengthened nylon and plastic.
The double lock system assures no smell can embark of the bag.
It is immune to wet to stay your herbs contemporary.
Can are available in a range of sizes.


You need to hide the weed, because it is evident plastic.
It doesn’t provide discretion.

10. Skunk Mr. Slick 6” Smell Proof Bag

This smell proof bag’s style is incredibly easy with associate degree enclosure created with double Velcro. Once the bag is closed, the bag traps the odor by activating the carbon technology within the bag. The odor is additionally neutral through the C particles within the bag. With action this powerful, even the dogs won’t be ready to find the smell.

The material that created up the bag is versatile and soft rubber backed nylon cloth. you’re assured that it’ll not break whereas carrying it around. the outside is additionally strengthened with associate degree anti-tear filter internet. you’ll additionally roll it up to suit utterly within the luggage once you ar traveling. This bag comes in a very restricted color assortment to adapt to your vogue.

To make certain that you just weed is secure whereas within this bag, it’s sealed with a double Velcro. This robust material is double as safe, and no slight odor can embark. the surface material is additionally terribly straightforward to wash, you wipe it off.


The bag has carbon lining to make sure 100% odor free.
It is made of the soft and versatile material.
The flap will be fastened with a double Velcro.
The outside material is straightforward to wash.


The Velcro will grab the eye of onlookers.
The Velcro will attract loose buds.


With the weed still illegal in some elements of the country, the most effective answer to avoid the scent from spreading is to put them in dependable smell proof containers. These containers could are available in totally different shapes and sizes. the most effective issue to try and do is to match their options and opt for the most effective which will match your necessities.

To get the most effective smell proof containers for herbs certify that your selection is of top quality and is sturdy. It ought to even be airtight, as you wish to contain its smell within the instrumentality whereas conserving the standard of the herbs and keeping them safe. every instrumentality has their answer to create them odor-free

For areas wherever exploitation weed remains not legal, that instrumentality mustn’t draw attention. Some containers are fashionable and designed fantastically. certify that your selection isn’t solely pretty, however, performs the task well.

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