About Psytopia

So what is Psytopia?    Well, that is a hard question to answer since it is an ever-evolving entity.  Psytopia should prove to be one of the most unique experiences of your life.  It is a once a year gathering of all things psychedelic.  We use this term not to encompass a drug connotation but, to expand upon the ideas associated with it.  We say Psychedelic to refer to the ability to view the world from a new and different perspective.

Psytopia is a celebration of these ideas.  It is a seven-day event in which the psychedelic community can gather away from the rest of the world to share ideas and grow together.  It will offer a range of music and presentations from all corners of the globe that promise to delight and play with all of your senses.  It will not only offer fun and games but, a chance to learn from some of the leaders of the psychedelic community in a friendly environment surrounded by like-minded individuals.  Best of all, the profit from this event will go to help out five charities that are doing their best to make our world a better place.